Solar Installation – Do It Yourself!

The cost of energy is on the rise and there seems to be no stop to it. Solar power is abundant, efficient and best of all it is free. Once you have the necessary equipment to harness this power source and convert it to either electrical energy or heat energy to work for your home you will be able to save a lot of money.

You may be speculating on the subject of fees for the solar electrical system. Although it is true that this set up may cost a lot more than a month’s power bill, rest assured that this is an investment that pays for itself, especially in today’s time where the cost of the parts and services have dramatically decreased due to advancements in its manufacturing. Also there are a lot of companies ready to set your home, office or anywhere else you may need solar power systems up for the latest in this technology. Of course there is always the option of building your own system.

This is not an impossible task. The same companies offering to install the system for you also sell solar power system kits complete with instructions that are not that hard to follow. Now if you are as thrifty as it gets and you know a little bit more than the average guy or you simply have the internet to fall back on, then you can get pre-owned parts of complete systems that will cut the prices in half. You can get these parts in eBay or a factory auction. Companies already in solar power tend to replace their old models for new ones that come out. The old ones are just as effective; the only difference is new technology have the edge that these big factories need that an average home or office can live without.

Here are the basic parts that you will need. Keep in mind that if you are building your own, you will not be able to get a grid-type setup. We will be discussing stand alone solar conversion systems you can use as back up or as the main source of power.

Solar panel – this is what would harness solar energy and convert it to electric current.

Charge controllers – this is in charge of the power you receive to prolong battery life and avoid over charging of your batteries.

Storage batteries – used to hold the energy derived from the solar panel so you can use power even at night.

AC generators – the power you get from the solar panels are direct current (DC) and most electrical devices you use in your home are on alternating current (AC).

Wires and cables – to run the electricity throughout your home.

After you have the parts you need it is time for the big project. Locate a suitable position for your solar panels. This should be angled to get maximum light. Ideally these are put in the house’s roof or if you have enough space you can make ground-mounted solar panels. Once you get this in place the rest is a piece of cake. You can hire an electrician to do it for you or simply follow diagrams describing correct installation. Basically you connect the solar panel to the charge controllers then it goes to the battery then AC generators (AC generators and battery can be switched depending on the battery type you have) then through wires and cables in your house. Solar installation whether by professionals or a handy home owner is the best way to get rid of those high bills.

Source by Luke D Porter

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