Refrigerator Decoration Irish Dwarf Cartoon Character Santorini Greek House Belgium Greece Travel Resin Stickers Fridge Magnet

Price: 3.89 - 2.84


Product Information

Material: Resin + Magnet

Name:  refrigerator stickers
Size: Please refer to the picture of the selected item or 1 yuan coin [diameter 25mm]
About 5cm-10cm

The magnet behind it can be attached to any ferrous surface and magnetic board.
Such as metal brushed refrigerator doors, iron shelves, range hoods, ovens, office filing cabinets,
Security doors, magnetic blackboards, magnetic whiteboards, magnetic children’s drawing boards, etc. can be used to absorb photos, sticky notes, receipts, etc.

Cannot be adsorbed on tempered glass refrigerator doors, wooden doors, walls, glass
Resin material is not resistant to falling, be sure to gently handle it, please do not swipe back and forth on the refrigerator to avoid scratches. The main function is to decorate the home, not to play for children.







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