The Advantages of Solar Panels: 7 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

Although we have only seen the advantages solar power usage come to light in recent years, the idea of using the sun to give us energy seems age-old and simple. The advantages of solar panels are vast and far outnumber the benefits of using other sources of energy.

Solar energy doesn’t pollute the planet. Only recently have we started to notice the effects of carbon emissions on our planet, yet we have been polluting the earth for a number of years. The great thing about solar energy is that it doesn’t pollute the earth in any way! In fact, it does just the opposite!

Solar energy is renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy isn’t in danger of being depleted any time soon. That’s because when the sun shines we get energy. Fossil fuels, however, are rare and becoming increasingly expensive.

Solar cells can last a lifetime! They also need hardly any maintenance thanks to the lack of moveable parts.

Solar power is wonderfully versatile. It has the ability to power a wide range of creations; laptops, cars, buildings, lights, phones, showers, satellites… The list goes on!

It’s free! Thankfully we aren’t charged to see the sun shine (yet) meaning after the original cost of buying and installing them, solar panels can deliver you free energy for a lifetime! Add to this the Fits/rebates offered by governments and the fact you can sell unused energy back to the grid and solar power becomes a great money-maker!

Solar panels add worth to your home! They make your home more economical to live in thanks to the lowered energy bills, making your home more appealing to a potential buyer.

Solar energy is more accessible in remote locations. In places that don’t have electrical lines connecting to a grid, solar energy is more accessible and a more realistic energy option.

Clearly there are a huge number of advantages to using solar power, especially when compared with the other forms of energy usage such as fossil fuels. While fossil fuels require a lot of work to harvest, solar panels give us energy for as long as the sun shines. Solar energy is much more accessible and won’t contribute to horrible man-made disasters such as the BP oil spillage a couple of years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. What’s clear for all to see is that, quite plainly, solar energy is better, cleaner and cheaper than its non-renewable equivalents.

Source by Orlando Griffin

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