Disease Aetiology: Roga Karana

The reason for illness entails many alternative points from the imbalance of the dosa, to an imbalanced digestive hearth (agni), to the buildup of ama, to the obstruction of the channels (srotas) and the deficiency of the dhatu. Internally, the motion of illness is from the thoughts to the physique the place the attitudes of greed, concern, anger, grief, vanity, jealousy and hatred develop into somatised within the tissues. Ayurveda clearly states that ‘want’ (raga) is a sense that generates pathological ‘warmth’ within the thoughts which generates these different feelings. Want creates an obsessive attachment to varied objects and this locks us right into a cycle of greedy and unfulfillment.

When stimulated, sturdy feelings create an agitating ‘friction’ that irritates digestion, the nervous system after which the tissues, which might then trigger a spread of illnesses. For instance, within the pathology of fever (jvara), amassed warmth leaves its residence within the abdomen and invades the rasa tissues and disease- inflicting warmth spreads all through the system. Imbalance of the dosa is internally attributable to mithyaharavihara or inappropriate meals and actions:

1. Crimes in opposition to knowledge (prajĖœnaparadha) means violating your interior sense of instinct in addition to ignoring your previous expertise. Denying this knowledge ends in appearing inappropriately for who you might be. For instance, a pitta prakrti individual consuming a lot of chillies whereas figuring out that this may result in irritation and irritation. Additionally categorised below this heading is the restraint of pure urges (vegavarodha); there ought to be no withholding the necessity of thirst, starvation, sneezing, yawning, crying, urinating, defecating, flatulence, burping, ejaculating, sleep, waking and respiration on account of overexertion (Caraka Sam hita Sutrasthana 7.1).

2. Unwholesome attachment of the senses to their objects (asatmyendriyasamyoga) together with under-, over- or inappropriate use of the senses similar to needing one thing an excessive amount of, too little, or when inappropriate for the structure (Caraka Sutrasthana 1.54). It boils right down to unwholesome actions of the physique and thoughts. For instance, it’s well-known that extreme candy consumption could cause pancreatic enzyme imbalances, blood sugar issues and finally diabetes. This can be a kapha drawback ensuing from an extra of kapha meals and feelings (greed or attachment). If an individual recurrently lives with these habits they are going to get sick. One other well-known ayurvedic adage is ‘sarve ‘piroga mandagnihetavah,’ which signifies that all illness is attributable to an imbalance of the digestive hearth; it’s upset by excessive feelings or an inappropriate weight loss program.

3. Seasonal influences (parinama) similar to local weather change, geographic peculiarities or merely the annual cycle of seasonal variation can disturb the dosa and trigger illness.

These might contain:

  • Atiyoga: extreme indulgence
  • Hinayoga: insufficient indulgence
  • Mithyayoga: inappropriate indulgence.

Different causes are

4. Inherited: these are the tendencies that we’re born with. It’s as if now we have a constitutional threshold which, relying on varied components, might or might not manifest; e.g. psoriasis, diabetes or coronary heart illness.

5. Trauma: accidents affecting the physique and thoughts.

6. Divine: intervention on a delicate degree from the divine realm, e.g. magical spells.

7. Environmental: availability of meals, water and shelter have an apparent affect on well being.

8. Karmic: illness has resulted from actions in one other life.

Source by Dr Ram Mani Bhandari

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