14cm*13cm Cow Silhouette Cartoon Car Stickers Vinyl Decals Art Decor Black/Silver S6-3440

Value: 1.67 - 1.00

14cm*13cm Cow Silhouette Cartoon Automotive Stickers Vinyl Decals Artwork Decor Black/Silver S6-3440

Utility of the sticker could be very straightforward, taking solely minutes.

Your sticker has 3 components:

Paper Backing            Sticker              Clear Switch Tape

1 Clear the floor the place the decal might be put in
2 Slowly eliminated the paper backing ensuring that your decal stays caught to the clear switch tape. If a part of your decal lifts up with the backing, press the paper backing again down in opposition to it till it stays caught to the switch tape.
3 As soon as your decal is peeled away from the backing, line up & place your decal in opposition to the floor to which it is going to be utilized.
4 Use a bank card, squegee, or one thing much like easy down your decal, ensuring that it’s utterly caught to the floor.
5 Fastidiously & Slowly, take away the switch tape out of your decal, ensuring that your decal is caught to the floor. In case you see a part of the decal doesn’t launch from the switch tape, press it again right down to the floor and repeat the method.




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