Hemolytic Anemia – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Hemolysis is the untimely destruction of pink blood cells (erythrocytes) and it results in hemolytic anemia, when bone marrow exercise can not compensate for the erythrocyte loss. This situation might be brought on by numerous hereditary and bought problems, which quantity greater than 200. Signs embody anemia, breathlessness, leg ulcers and in extreme circumstances, angina and coronary heart failure. Remedy consists of blood transfusions for extreme acute anemia, and avoiding identified causes. This consists of medicine, chemical substances and identified offending meals merchandise. Folic acid, steroids, immunoglobin, and iron remedy are generally used, whereas surgical splenectomy is required not often.

Ayurvedic remedy is geared toward treating the reason for hemolysis, lowering the anemia and treating the related signs. Medicines like Punarnavadi Mandur, Tapyadi Loh, Arogya Vardhini and Lohasav are used to extend the pink blood cell depend. Medicines which act on the “Rakta” and “Majja” dhatus (tissues) of the physique are used for this situation. These medicines embody Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Patha (Cissampelos pareira), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Guduchi (Tinosporia cordifolia) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).

As well as, medicines which act on the bone marrow are given in an try to enhance the manufacturing of wholesome pink blood cells and in addition to cut back the tendency for hemolysis. These medicines embody Guduchi, Amalaki, Musta, Laxadi Guggulu, Suvarna-Malini-Vasant, Heerak Bhasma and Panch -Tikta -Ghrut -Guggulu.

Extra remedy must be given for related signs. Triphala Guggulu and Mandukparni (Centella asiatica) are used for leg ulcers. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) and Laxmi Vilas Ras are used for angina and coronary heart illness.

The general outcomes of remedy on this situation rely on the reason for hemolysis. Nonetheless, in a lot of the circumstances associated to hemolytic anemia, the end result is normally fairly good. Acute or emergency circumstances must be handled by a Hematologist.

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