Indian Massages For Viral Diseases


Ayurveda, an age previous system of Indian medication, firmly states that each one who is uncovered to the identical setting isn’t affected by viral ailments, therefore it’s the immune system that performs an essential position in attracting the virus in direction of him. It suggests a modified eating regimen, way of life and natural formulations together with the panchakarma remedy. Ayurveda goals at eliminating the indigestible toxins that entice the virus in direction of him.

As we’re all conscious, the immune system is weakened as a consequence of accumulation of ama, the toxins in our physique and panchakarma remedy which entails your complete physique massaging, steam ,saunas with herbs which helps to filter out the blockages and eliminate the international invaders like virus out of the physique.

Pizhichil, one of many preparatory methodology for panchakarma is used to combat the power fatigue syndrome which an individual feels when he has simply recovered from the viral ailments. On this course of, the medicated oil or milk is being constantly poured on the entire physique and concurrently 4 therapists give a delicate therapeutic massage all around the physique.This results in rejuvenation.

Panchakarma will be stated to be a scientific concept which helps in detoxifying and rejuvenating the entire physique. It consists of Vaman (vomiting), Virechan (medicated purgation) Basti (cleansing the bowels with medicated enemas), Nasya (remedy by means of nasal route), Rakta mokshan (blood-letting).One in all these therapies could also be used to deal with in line with the illness one has been identified with.

For instance :

a) Vamana is a therapeutic vomiting which is run on the sufferers who has been affected with viral ailments like Herpeszoster, associated to kapha imbalance.

b) Widespread chilly which is just too contributed by a virus,will be handled with Basti karma, a robust one out of 5 therapies of panchakarma. It entails introducing the natural concoctions in to the rectum is completed, by which the vata dosha is being flushed out of rectum.


Source by Dr Rajesh Nair

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