100g-1500g High Qualilty Preserved Fresh Living Moss flower Real Immortal Moss Plant wall DIY flower Material Home Office Decor

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Item: high quality preserved moss

Material: natural moss

Specifications: 100g, 200g, 500g, 1000g, 1500g

Color: as picture

Quality guarantee period: 3 to 5years

Storage: moisture-proof and sun-proof

Package: box inside and outside

If you take care of them in the following ways, the preserved flowers will bloom longer:

Moisture proof: Do not put the flowers in a humid environment or water them. In case of translucent state or light grey mottlement, put the flowers next to the dehumidifier or put them in a closed container with 1-2 bags of desiccant for several days.

Sun proof: Do not put the flowers outdoors or at the air vents, Avoid direct sunlight.

Collision proof: Preserved flowers are very delicate, Do not touch them often.


1. The advantage of our preserved moss is with high quality and better color, the shortcoming is some moss might be

    relatively small as the raw material is natural and there might be slightly color difference for different batches.

2. Please note that our cream white moss is a little yellow, our white moss is easy to be dry(if you mind, please buy cream white).

3. The packing method of 500g moss is to weigh 500g moss and put them in the box after the moss is produced. When packing, the       impurities and the like are picked out and thrown away. Therefore, the actual net weight is about 480g. In the market, it is                collectively called 500g moss.

    And so on, for 1000g moss(2 boxes of 500g moss), the moss net weight is about 960g. For 1500g moss(3 boxes of 500g moss), the moss net weight is about 1440g.

Preserved flowers are born this way:

Fresh flower → Dehydration and Decolorization→Filling environmental organic preservation liquid→Environmental organic dyeing separately→Dried naturally→Finished!

Why choose preserved flower:

1. Preserved flower perfectly solve the withering away of fresh flower, they are more natural than artificial flower.

2. Preserved flower can be saved for 3-5years, imaging that a preserved flower gift is still fresh long time later.

3. Healthy and organic: the preserved flower is made from environmental organic liquid, natural and healthy.

About purchase:

1. Thank you for purchasing from us . To avoid misunderstanding , you can contact us first when you have any questions before placing order.

2. We'll ship the item to the receiving information you provide, please confirm whether it is correct before placing order.

3. If you find there's any problem after you get the item,you need to contact us with the defective photos,we will do our best to solve the problem.

4. We accept Refund and Return if it’s our fault, but all the return items should be in original condition.

5. For Exchange products, buyer is responsible for the return costs.

6. We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period. 

About packaging:

This product is transported in vacuum packaging, effectively preventing discoloration and moisture regain. As shown in the figure:

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