4G CPE 4G router SIM card WiFi modem Hotspot 32 wifi users RJ45 WAN LAN antenna LTE wireless router

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We are factory store , have been selling 4G wifi routers around the world for over 10 years . wholesale order and customization order are welcome .
IF you need buy more products , you can contact our service to raise purchase quota for you .

LC116 4G CPE is a desktop 4G LTE wifi router , it has four external antennas , 4 RJ45 ports , support 32 WiFi users , use Micro SIM card .

This CPE doesn't include SIM card , user need to buy a SIM card from local operators to use this device .

We provide below frequency versions :
(*The device support many bands ,however if we put all bands in one device, the system will get too sluggish to work .you only need find your country in below list and order right version ,we will send you correct device for your country . thanks )

European version(EU) :
4G LTE : B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B38/B39/40/41
European version works in most areas of Asia ,Africa ,middle east too .
(such as Russia, Spain, Ukraine, France, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg,Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia;
Korea , Japan, Israel,Kazakhstan,Turkey, Malaysia,Thailand, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Georgia,Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,United Arab Emirates, Pakistan,Kuwait;
Brazil and other African ,Asian countries )

*Default Korea version :4G:B1/B3/B5/*random/*random/*/*/* (According to feedback from Korean users,this version is most suitable and widely used in Korea.We would ship this version to buyers in Korea .IF some Korean buyer want B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B38/B39/40/41 for overseas travel,pls tell us in advance ,Thank you! )

American version (US) :
4G LTE : B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B28/B66
American version works in most American countries .
(such as USA, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominica )

Limited version :
4G LTE: B1/B3
Limited version(can't work in Japan,Europe ) only works for certain operators , probably can't connect to 4G network in some areas .IF you want to buy limited version , better consult us in advance .

You can check frequency bands in below link ,

if you are not sure what frequency bands available in your area , pls consult us before order .

this device provide high speed 4G LTE WiFi
access , support 32 WiFi users and 4 RJ45 LAN port users .It also can work as ordinary Ethernet wireless router .

This wifi router support both 3G&4G networks.

Tablet ,Laptop, computer, Mac books ,mobile phones and different types of WI-FI devices can connect to the 4G WiFi routert to access to Internet .


and write in a new IMEI , then you can change the router's IMEI

*This is a hidden function for professional users to do test ,we don't advice ordinary user to change device's IMEI to acquire cheaper Internet traffic , and won't provide technical support to such move .


 ZTE LTE Chipset, Support TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/UMTS/ networks
 4 external antennas
 1 power input port (12V charger included )
 4 RJ45 LAN ports
 Up to 32 WiFi users
 WiFi range 50-200 metres ( no obstacle )


4G LTE WiFi router (CPE) x 1
12V power adaptor x 1
manual book x 1
network cable x 1
gift box 1


1.Our 4G router/modem only support universal ordinary SIM cards . For some locked SIM cards , contract SIM cards which operators don't allow to use on wifi routers , or only allow to use on their authorized devices . This product might not work. (IF your SIM card can not access to Internet ,pls don't be panic .usually you change another operator's universal SIM card ,then it will work .Or you can contact us for help .)

2.Knowledge about 4G speed . in practical daily use , 4G WiFi router usually would provide 1 – 20 M/s download speed for WiFi users .it's enough for ordinary users to watch video ,play games ,etc smoothly .
Router's 4G chipset top capacity is 150M , and 4G base station's theoretical top speed is 150M too .however the 4G base station provide service to many 4G users at the same time , instead of giving full 150M bandwidth to one user , and 4G signal strength , SIM card limitation and environment would affect the network speed too .
IF some ignorant user eager for top theoretical speed , and love to use inaccurate APP or software to test network speed , pls don't buy . no product on market would meet such requirements . Thanks .

3.We absolutely deliver exactly same device you saw on our website , however sometimes there might be some package diffidence on model name , manual book and box . Please refer to the actual product. Thanks


We use safe trackable shipping methods to ship parcels .below is estimated delivery time for different countries :
Asian countries 5-7 days .
European countries 5 -12 days .
United States 7-12 days .
American countries 8-15days .

But sometimes it takes longer , depends on customs policy of your country . If you want to use even faster express delivery , you can contact us to arrange .


1:If you found discount available , pls don't hesitate . buy immediately . usually our discount only last for 2 days .
2:Follow our shop , and contact our salesman , you can get extra discount .

Happy shopping !

This is a decent true big desktop RJ45 X 4 WiFi router , with 4 big antennas ,good ventilation , strong performance . Instead of those pathetic tiny weak routers pretending to be desktop router . Welcome to buy our big WiFi router and enjoy fast network !

IMEI change function

and write in a new IMEI , then you can change the router's IMEI

*This is a hidden function for professional users to do test ,we don't advice ordinary user to change device's IMEI to acquire cheaper Internet traffic , and won't provide technical support to such move .

Multiple languages , easy to use in your own language !

total about 40 languages ( the total language quantity and web page might be a little different)

More to love : Big Discount ! LC115 4G WiFi Router

LC115 is same function and performance with LC116 . just different appearance . In promotion with big discount now .only dozens available , welcome to order !

More to love :LC117 CPE with 12V and 5V dual power ports

LC117 has same function and performance with LC116 . but LC117 has 12V and 5V two power ports . So you can use LC117 with an ordinary 5V powerbank outdoor , it is a portable WiFi Hotspot , enjoy WiFi anywhere ! welcome to order !

More to love: 5G WiFi router M55 extremely high speed and powerful

This 5G SIM card wifi router supports extremely high speed 5G network, up to 2.2Gbps maxium download speed 5G module, up to 1200Mbps wireless network connection and 1000Mbps wired network connection capacity. backward compatible with 4G and 3G network, including VPN, firewall, NAS, SMS-receiving, WPS and many more advanced functions.

Model : M55
Support about 130 network users
RJ45 x 3
Micro SIM card slot X 1

*Notice: the above 4G routers features are not applicable to this 5G product, please click the pictures down below to learn more details about this 5G router.

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