5~200PCS 30x10x5 N35 NdFeB Search Major Quadrate Magnet 30mm*10mm Powerful Magnets 30x10x5mm Strong Neodymium Magnets 30*10*5 mm

Price: 3.91 - 2.93




1. The magnet is just not iron, nonetheless sintered from uncommon earth. It’s fragile and can’t be impacted. Please cope with it with care

2. The dimension unit of magnet is mm. There’s tolerance for every batch of manufacturing. Please be taught the small print fastidiously before looking for

3. The magnet solely attracts metallic iron merchandise or magnets polarized contained in the equivalent course, and has no attraction to completely fully fully completely different metallic merchandise or magnets polarized in a variety of instructions

4. The suction stress of magnet is claimed to the grade of uncooked gives, the dimensions and thickness of magnet. The upper the grade, the bigger and thicker the magnet, and the larger the suction stress of magnet

5. Magnets are furthermore utilized in electronics, electrical residence gadgets, packaging, motors, toys, automobile gadgets, and a great deal of others


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