Big Magnet Round Strong Fishing Search Salvage Neodymium Cube Magnet Rare Earth with Countersunk Hole Eyebolt Powerful Permanen

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Huge Magnet Spherical Sturdy Fishing Search Salvage Neodymium Dice Magnet Uncommon Earth with Countersunk Gap Eyebolt Highly effective Everlasting

Product Specification

1. Half Mannequin : Neodymium Fishing /Salvage Magnet

2. Materials: Neodymium Magnet +Metal+Black Resin

3. Dimension:D20-D120

4. Coating: Each Magnet & Metal Overlaying are Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer

5.Max Working Tempearture: 80 diploma centigrade

Product Description

Neodymium Fishing Magnet /Salvage Magnet

It’s primarily made up of a excessive grade neodymium magnet and a metal shell, the metal shell is essential to amplification of magnetic drive, it might focus the highly effective magnetic area on the underside of magnet which improve the magnetic drive by 2.5-4 occasions in comparison with the bare magnet. On the similar time, the metal cup can stop the bare magnet from scratch and chipping throughout grabbing and clamping.

Danegooer retrieving magnets are designed for heavy obligation and underwater use. It may well assist to get well misplaced equipments, instruments, fishing tackles and different ferrous objects in deep water, wells, holes. It’s also nice for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging and retrieving purposes.

This can be a superb magnet it’s double-sided but it surely comes with two eyebolt holes and you need to use it vertically or horizontally.

1. Magnetic pull drive was examined utilizing a pc tensile tester. Precise traction drive will range primarily relying on the next variables:

A: metal thickness: the thinner the metal, the decrease the pulling drive.Vertical magnetic pulling drive was obtained on the premise of 30mm thickness of the metal plate.

B: course of extrusion: the larger the course of extrusion is at 90deg, the decrease the extrusion drive, normally the extrusion drive within the horizontal course is barely about one third of that within the vertical course.

C: attracting place: the farther from the middle of gravity, the decrease the pulling drive.

As well as, the iron chips of the magnetic floor additionally cut back the pull drive of the magnet to some extent.

2. Magnet solely attracts iron, ferrous metallic and nickel, doesn’t appeal to gold, silver, copper, aluminium and their alloy and stainless-steel.

3. The magnetic drive concentrates on the underside of the fishing magnet, there may be nearly no magnetic drive on different surfaces.


It primarily consists of a high-grade neodymium magnet and a metal shell. The metal case is essential for enhancing the magnetic drive, it might focus the Highly effective magnetic area on the backside of the magnet,

which will increase the energy of the magnet to extra greater than that of a traditional neodymium magnet.On the similar time, a metal cup can stop the uncovered magnet from scratching and chipping throughout gripping and clamping.

The magnets are designed for heavy obligation and underwater use. It may well assist restore misplaced tools, instruments, fishing gear and different black objects in deep water, wells, holes. It’s also nice for magnetic fishing, lifting, hanging and retrieving purposes.

Nearly all of Fishing Magnets are designed to be dropped straight-down (or "dipped") to place the flat underside of the magnet to the highest of any ferrous metallic object. This limits the effectiveness of the magnet when dragging the magnet alongside the underside of the physique of water by throwing it out and retrieving it, or strolling alongside a dock, pier, or bridge and dragging it alongside.

That isn’t the case with this Danegooer Double-sided magnet. When utilizing the facet eye-bolt mounting gap, the magnet now has TWO surfaces out there – the flat facet on backside that retrieves objects by going over them, and the flat prime that may seize an object when the magnet is pulled alongside an uneven backside floor, similar to gravel, rocks, and so on. The place one facet could miss the article, the magnet on the opposite facet can "catch" it.

One other nice use for this magnet (the place the double-side REALLY helps) is for individuals like me who work on vehicles and bikes in my driveway and I’m all the time shedding a screw, washer, or nut within the grass subsequent to the driveway or sidewalk. This Xhigh Double-sided Fishing Magnet has not didn’t discover a wanted half I dropped by dragging this double-sided magnet by the grass. This methodology may also work when needing to search out metallic objects misplaced or suspected to be in excessive grass or gentle brush similar to misplaced objects, thrown objects, and so on.

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