ESD Tweezers Electronics Repair Tools for Repair Electronic Component capacitors resistors IC chip and various PCB boards DIY

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product description:

Mainly use high-quality stainless steel, tweezers on both sides, finely polished and chamfered, feel better, the surface is coated with special materials, anti-static effect is better
ESD-10: used to solder integrated circuit chips, and install or replace parts
ESD-11: This tweezers is suitable for precision electronic parts operation
ESD-12: This tweezers will not bend when the circuit board is strongly clamped, and the parts will not fall
ESD-13: This round shape can avoid component damage, suitable for extracting chip circuit
ESD-14: The tweezers have sharp edges, suitable for high-density integrated circuit operation
ESD-15: This tweezers is suitable for extracting parts in narrow places.

High-quality fine tweezers, not easy to deform, ultra-high cost-effective use of hardened stainless steel steel, finely polished and chamfered on both sides of the tweezers, good feel, the surface is coated with special materials, the anti-static effect is better, the use is versatile, maintenance, experiment, family An important gadget.

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