How Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Can Cut Your Electricity Bill


It is a well known fact that electricity prices are rising, and experts agree that there is no end in sight. Appliance manufacturers try to make them energy efficient, newspapers post energy saving advice, and some companies try their best to reduce electricity use, but with not much effect. The only available solution today is using solar panels and wind turbines clean energy sources that will lower your dependence on fossil fuels, and dramatically decrease your electricity bills.

Solar panels are big panels covered with photovoltaic cells. These cells use a physical process to convert sunlight to energy. Using this process, energy is created when the sun is shining, with no need for the electricity company to supply you with power. The only disadvantage of solar panels is their need of sunlight, which cannot be used at night or cloudy days. However, there is a solution to this problem. It is called wind turbines.

Wind turbines can be seen as a complement to a solar power system. In places with no sun or many clouds there is usually a strong wind, and strong wind is exactly what wind turbines need. These energy producers turn the power of the wind into a rotation, which in turn rotates a generator and generates electricity. Like solar panels, wind turbines do not require any other electricity source and they are completely clean – not polluting.

Combining solar panels and wind turbines is a move anyone can and should make. Together they form the ultimate green energy source. They use only natural energy sources, they are not expensive, they do not pollute, and they help you save money. All great properties in just two energy sources.


Source by Nadav Snir

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