Refrigerator Decoration Irish Dwarf Cartoon Character Santorini Greek House Belgium Greece Travel Resin Stickers Fridge Magnet

Worth: 3.89 - 2.84


Product Data

Materials: Resin + Magnet

Title:  fridge stickers
Dimension: Please discuss with the image of the chosen merchandise or 1 yuan coin [diameter 25mm]
About 5cm-10cm

The magnet behind it may be connected to any ferrous floor and magnetic board.
Resembling steel brushed fridge doorways, iron cabinets, vary hoods, ovens, workplace submitting cupboards,
Safety doorways, magnetic blackboards, magnetic whiteboards, magnetic youngsters’s drawing boards, and many others. can be utilized to soak up photographs, sticky notes, receipts, and many others.

Can’t be adsorbed on tempered glass fridge doorways, wood doorways, partitions, glass
Resin materials just isn’t immune to falling, be sure you gently deal with it, please don’t swipe backwards and forwards on the fridge to keep away from scratches. The principle perform is to embellish the house, to not play for kids.







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