Solar Outdoor Lights – The Natural Lighting Options for All Times


Solar outdoor lights can transform your garden settings into a reverie theme in no time.

Solar outdoor lights are snazzy and smart lighting options with no cables and electricity. Ideal for every part of your garden including patio, walkways and ponds, these work of sunlight. The solar panel absorbs sunlight and stores it in batteries, which in turn will be used up in lighting up your home at night. It is environmental friendly and is absolutely safe unlike conventional electrical lighting options.

There are solar lights that come with discreet panels that gel with the surroundings smartly making them less conspicuous. You can also go for very big panels on the roof to provide electricity all over the house. Make sure that the solar fixtures are placed in spots that receive maximum sunlight and there are some solar lights that have an automatic timer that can be adjusted according to the sun set and sunrise.

However, you can ensure value added purchases if you go by a few buying tips. Choose a solar light that uses a fluorescent bulb or at least two LEDs to ensure adequate brightness at night. Most of the solar garden lights are equipped with sensors to facilitate automatic on or off. Solar lights are easy to install and you can get going with the handy tips of the DIY guide as it does not involve cabling or trenching.

Solar fixtures come in a variety of sizes and shapes to cater to your different lighting need including that of the pool, the patio or even the fence! Versatile and trendy, solar fixture would help you to add a dramatic element to your decor. Choose floating lights for your pool or lights that are mounted on poles as path lights. Spot lights on the other hand are more for embellishment purposes. The soft diffused glow of the light emitted at night would make your garden truly amazing and even surreal to an ordinary pair of eyes!

Draw a rough plan to highlight the garden areas that need to be lit up and make sure that your garden gets plenty of sunshine for getting the solar panel charged up. The lights are portable and you can even shift them as and when needed.


Source by Dharmendar Kumar

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