SPYONWAY Professional Pulse Dive Underwater Detector Metal Search 3 System In 1 Treasure Seeker Machine 60m Targeting Pinpointer

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SPYONWAY Knowledgeable Pulse Dive Underwater Detector Metallic Search 3 System In 1 Treasure Seeker Machine 60m Specializing in Pinpointer

Three Strategies in One The World's Most cost-effective and Largest Fine quality Unmatched Mannequin PulseDive

PulseDive steel detector used for underwater searches and specializing in single cash scattered on the bottom. You may study many selections from the subsection. It permits pinpointing as a result of heads produced in accordance with three search varieties. Underwater searches and land searches are made with the scuba head. Three methods in a single gadget are the one methods which might be offered collectively and it’s an unmatched mannequin with the correct price assure.

PulseDive Scuba & Pointer Detector

Patented Design

This modern design permits fast conversion of the gadget from Pinpointer to Coil Detector or vice versa in a matter of seconds.

IP68 Waterproof

Waterproof as rather a lot as 60 meters.

Pulse Induction

Ensuing from this extraordinarily environment friendly expertise, the gadget works merely in salt water or any type of soil.

Detection Notifications and Indicators

1. Voice Solely
2. Vibration Solely
3. Noise and Vibration

Notification by LED along with any of the above.

Fast Reset

It gives common operation of the gadget with the contact of a single button.

Dive Mode

It gives easy operation underwater by locking the keys and stopping the water stress from urgent the keys all by way of deep diving.

Package deal deal deal Included

1 – System Topic

2 – Replaceable Scuba Search Coil *2

3 – Changeable Pointer Search Coil

4 – Battery Compartment Cowl (For Land Use)

5 – USB Charging Cable

6 – Explicit individual Handbook

7 – Exhausting Carrying Case

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