Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Earphone Hybrid Vocalism Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Mi True Wireless Headset CD-level Sound Quality

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Redmi AirDots 3
True wireless bluetooth headset , Bluetooth 5.2, Automatically connected, Smart wear, Touch control
Hybrid technology vocalism principle:

High frequency moving iron + low frequency moving coil, two high-resolution sound units bring you balanced and full CD-level sound quality

Bluetooth 5.2
Qualcomm 3040 chip with a new generation of Bluetooth 5.2 technology for faster and more stable connections
Quick connection
Automatic seconds connection, can be used with headphones
Touch control
Upgrade the button control to touch control to enjoy multiple functions
Smart wear
Take off the earphones, the music stops; put on the earphones, the music continues
4.6g light of single headset
Comfortable to wear, free to adjust, not easy to fall off
About 30h long battery life
With the charging box, brush about 15 movies
Voice control
Summon voice assistant, voice control mobile phone

Note:1. About color difference: Due to the different of unit, shotting camera , display monitor  what you see the color of the item will more or less different from reality products.
2. The protective silicon case are unbranded.

Standard Package
Earphones x 1 pair / Charging Case x 1 /  Silicone Ear Tips × 3 pairs (S/M/L,M is pre-installed) / Charging Cable / User Manual x 1

Sound quality upgrade

Hybrid technology speaker+Bluetooth 5.2+Qualcomm 3040 chip+HD Apt-X Adaptive

First equipped with Hybrid technology

Two high-resolution sound units, both bass sound field and treble details, seamless connection of high, middle and low frequencies

Approximately 30 hours of long battery life, making listening to operas and watching dramas more enjoyable

Classic MIUI pop-up window connection (Note:only supports some Xiaomi/Redmi phones)

Open the headphone box cover, pop up the interface to connect, display the power of the headphone and the charging box


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